Armagnac Chateau Garreau

Our Armagnacs are made in Chateau Garreau in southwest France with over 100 years of family tradition. They are then aged in oak barrels in the estate's underground cellar (unique and spectacular of its kind). A proven delicacy. We know the producers and their domains in Bas-Armagnac personally. The production of Armagnac was first mentioned in documents in the 15th century, while the production of cognac was first mentioned in the 17th century

A typical vintage Armagnac has a minimum alcohol content of 40%

All Armagnacs are distilled on the stills that you see here in the product images. The only"technological innovation"that has been used for a number of years has been gas firing. The temperature during distillation is easier to control than with wood firing. You simply have less waste.

This offer is aimed exclusively at buyers of legal age! According to the Youth Protection Act, spirits, beverages containing spirits or foodstuffs that contain more than a small amount of spirits may not be given to children and young people, nor may they be allowed to consume them. Please take this into account when placing your order.

Carole Garreau is now the third generation to run the Chateau Garreau. Here's what she had to say about her Armagnac: