About us - our philosophy

We are Franck and Olivier and we love good food and good drinks.

We know all the producers we work with personally. This is important to us. That is our promise to you, our customers.

We believe that all great products bring something from the land where they have traditionally been made for centuries. As an importer, you have to have been there once to get to know the people and their products.

This is also called"terroir". Terroir has three elements:it is composed of the product, the environment and the people who produce it in the respective region. And that partly for centuries, in the case of wine for thousands of years."Terroir"means not only the grapes or ducks, but also the soil, the sun, the meadow, the rain, the fodder and the vineyard. And the people and the techniques they use.

But most importantly, just take your time.