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Forge de Laguiole

Forge de Laguiole juniper pocket knife - 12 cm - juniper handle

Forge de Laguiole juniper pocket knife - 12 cm - juniper handle

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Classic Laguiole pocket knife from the well-known forge "Forge de Laguiole" in Laguiole in Aubrac. handmade

Handle scales are made of lightly scented grained juniper wood.

The 10 cm long blade is made of French T12 steel. The blade is matted by a brass brush process and is therefore not scratched. Blacksmith's logo embossed on the blade.

'FABRIQUE A LAGUIOLE FRANCE' lettering embossed on the blade root along with the steel grade.

Jaws and the decorated spring and bee, forged from one piece, are also matt finished. The well-known shepherd's cross is set into the left grip scale.

Due to the classic choice of materials, this slim pocket knife looks authentic and traditional. Always a high-quality companion for everyday life in France.

  • Manufacturer identification: Forge de Laguiole - 1212 IN GE - 'Tradition'
  • Blade: 10 cm matt - T12 steel from France
  • Handle: juniper handle scales 12 cm
  • Cheeks: juniper, matt
  • Back: spring and bee forged from one piece
  • Weight: 88g

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Forge de Laguiole

Founded in 1987, Forge, the 'Laguiole forge', is one of the few knife manufacturers based directly in Laguiole. One of the few manufacturers where the forge still burns in Laguiole. The name guarantees the highest quality and craftsmanship 'Made in France'.


The Forge de Laguiole factory was founded in 1987. She brought the manufacture of the famous Laguiole knives back to the birthplace. The Forge de Laguiole manufactory is characterized by its authenticity, which is reflected in the high quality of the knives.. 

On December 19, 2007, Forge de Laguiole was awarded the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage) prize by the French Minister for Industry and Commerce. This award aims to promote an economic heritage that [ ] belongs to a special place. There are Laguiole knives made in France, Laguiole knives made in Aveyron, Laguiole knives made in Laguiole itself. Only Forge de Laguiole knives are actually forged and manufactured in Laguiole itself.rtigt. 


At Forge de Laguiole, the individual parts for the production of knives are made by hand: the blades are forged and hardened, the forged stainless steel fittings are cut, the plates are cold-pressed. The famous and characteristic bees and feathers are hot guilloched and even hand-chiseled on certain knives. The handle scales are usually sawn and polished from pieces of wood or horn. The production of a single knife requires several hours or even days.. 


A knife is made by craftsmen with traditional know-how. Some presses were built 100 years ago and the core of the working techniques have remained unchanged. The knife makers, whose skills are comparable to those of watchmakers or goldsmiths, preserve a century-old tradition. Important: Every knife is made by the same knifemaker from start to finish. Strict quality control is applied as the final step to ensure perfect workmanship.


The Laguiole knife was invented almost 200 years ago

  • 6 main steps for the production of the knife: forging the individual parts, processing the handle scales, chasing, assembly, polishing, quality control
  • More than 20 manufacturing steps to forge a blade
  • Between 80 and 100 manufacturing steps to make a traditional pocket knife
  • The exclusive Forge de Laguiole T12 blade steel is heated to over 1200Ct
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